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Hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour

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Project scope Capture the beauty of a century-old hotel
Description The Hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour in Turin hadn't been photographed in a while and as a result, its website was not doing it justice. Pixels from Mars took a series of pictures with room staging, staff photos as well as video clips that would reveal how well situated and pleasant this albergo really is.
Client Hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour

Room photo beforeRoom picture after
Suite beforeSuite after
Double room beforeDouble room after
Large room beforeDouble room


The client asked Pixels from Mars for a slideshow for its website.
The brief was that the video should:

  • Showcase the different rooms
  • Highlight the fact that the hotel is central
  • show the complimentary breakfast
  • Mention that the hotel has been run by the same family since 1854

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