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Holler Jones contemporary raw furniture

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Project scope Artistic direction of photography and brochure design
Description Staging and studio photography for website and digital brochure
Client Holler Jones

Holler Jones catalog
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Our client goes to great extents to make sure that each piece of wood or marble is absolutely perfect in order to create naturally stunning contemporary designs.  To bring out the natural and raw side of the furniture, we created a photo studio in their warehouse in such a way that the decor would bounce the natural light back on each piece.

Pixels from Mars loves working on nature-loving projects like this one: Holler Jones will plant 100 trees for each one used to make furniture.

"Je tiens à remercier et à exprimer mon appréciation pour la vision d'Olivia. Sa personnalité amicale, chaleureuse et son côté professionnel m'ont mis à l'aise et confiant d'avoir d'excellents résultats. Les images qui ont été faites ont transformé mon site web et porté mon image de marque à un autre niveau." Hamish owner and designer at Holler Jones

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