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Sapo Marseille
All Saints coffeeshop concept
All Saints Coffeshop

Choopy's coffeeshop

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Project scope Branding, photography and graphic design
Description For this client, we redesigned the logo with a fresher, bolder and slightly kawaii look. We also delivered a new styleguide. Since the client is active on social media, we decided to create illustrated characters to add a bit of fun on posts.
Client Choopy's coffeeshop

Menu design for Choopy's by Pixels from Mars
Branding for Choopy's Antibes

The client needed to visually link Choopy's and all things good, their new venture. Since both businesses sell cupcakes and sweets, we suggested using circles and a similar color scheme in both logos. This gave a lighter and more playful look to the existing Choopy's logo, which was squared and a bit dated. The former logo can be seen below, left.

"Pixels from Mars is a committed and energetic team, I highly recommend them." JC Jetta Owner of Choopy's coffeeshop

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