Branding for Choopy's coffee shop in Antibes
Choopy’s coffeeshop
Magellan Orientation

All Saints coffeeshop

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Project scope Study for a coffeeshop's branding
Description Project for a team of ex baristas who want to start their own café.
Client Julie Deslauriers

all saints branding girl
all saints branding coffeeshop

The idea was to create a branding concept that would be softly disruptive. In a city where most coffeeshops' visual identity revolves around the coffee itself, we needed something that would raise eyebrows. In order to achieve that, we decided to focus on the clientèle rather than the product - and that's how the name "All Saints" was chosen. Oh, and did we mention? The coffee shop is located next to a church...

Model name: Rachael Van Harmelen

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