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Mouratoglou Tennis Academy
Branding for Choopy's coffee shop in Antibes
Choopy’s coffeeshop

Sapo Marseille

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Project scope Artistic direction of photography
Description The aim of this photography project was to bring out the simplicity, practicability and aesthetic of the Sapo products. Pixels from Mars loves being implicated in projects like this one, where products are ecological, organic and 100% local.
Client Sapo Marseille

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Sapo Marseille is the new kid on the soap market. It's a natural, solid hanging soap thatis 100%  handmade. The company wants to rehabilitate the good old solid soap and show that it is ideal cleaning item for the whole family. 

"I recommend Pixels from Mars without hesitation We used the agency for the visual creation of our online store Sapo Marseille. Olivia, who is an approachable, creative and very professional person, realized an image transcript of the DNA of our brand. Simple, creative and efficient, exactly what you expect!"  -Morgane Ruggiu Director and Creator of Sapo Marseille

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