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Project scope Branding, logo design, communication and photography
Description Pixels from Mars is in charge of communication and branding for the new comptoir gourmand All things good in Antibes.
Client All things good

bubble waffle blackboard illustration

M. Jetha, the owner of Choopy’s coffeeshop, contacted us for his new project, a gourmet take-out Antibes' old town. We were totally seduced by the concept of “All things good”. We were asked to come up with a visual brand identity that was fun and in line with Choopy’s image and products. We were involved with the storefront design, helped define the tagline “Comptoir gourmand” and created the artwork for all the blackboards. We took charge of communication and created promotional material for the grand opening. 

"Pixels from Mars is a committed and energetic team. I benefited from their work and originality for the opening of my new boutique. Very nice ideas that were put in place and many more to come soon." JC Jetha

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